Magic Sequin

A personalized sequin shift cushion

The perfect gift for the end of the year !


Coussin avec housse personnalisée à paillettes réversibles (40 x 40 cm)

27€ instead of 45,00 euros 😍

Introductory offer, new color !


Why fall for the magic sequin ? 😻

  • Customized cover with the photo of your choice ! 📸
  • Shifting sequins ! 😵
  • A gift that will knock it out of the park !💥 🔥
  • Great for decorating ! ✌️
  • Not available in stores ! 😜

SAVE 18.00 euros right awayon your customized cushion cover ! 🤑

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55,00 39,00

Don’t wait any longer to get it for yourself ! ❤️

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Take a look at it before you place your order !

the steps to follow to place an order

Ordering is very simple :

  1. Choose a color for your cushion cover.
  2. Click on the “Buy Now !”
  3. You will be automatically redirected to the checkout page.
  4. Before completing your purchase, upload your custom photo.
  5. Lastly, follow the payment instructions
  6. Once your order is confirmed, we will take care of the rest !



Brief summary of the Magic Sequin

Brief summary about the characteristics of our customized cushion cover :

  • Manufactured in polyester and non-toxic plastic
  • Dimensions of 40 cm x 40 cm
  • Hand wash only
  • Weight: 80 grams
Our recommendations for image quality !

In order to ensure that you receive the highest quality cushion cover,please note that there are a few image quality guidelines that you need to follow.

In terms of resolution, it should not exceeda 1:1 format, i.e. a square photo. If this requirement is not met,the photo will automatically be cropped.

The photo must be taken on a clear background and be in high resolution. A minimum size of 1000 x 1000 pixels 1000 x 1000 pixels is required. 📸

The bigger the picture, the better the result !

Fortunately, nowadays most images and photos have a good quality and are well above 1000 x 1000 pixels.

However, if you have any doubts about the quality of your image, here are the steps to check :

Are you ordering with your mobile phone ?

Don’t worry about anything, you can skip this step if you took the picture with your phone.

Are you ordering on a computer ?

Here are the steps you need to follow to easily determine the size of your image :

  1. Go to the folder where your image is stored
  2. Place your mouse over the image
  3. Right-click on the image
  4. On the tab go to the bottom and click on “properties”
  5. To finish, click on “Details”
  6. Make sure that the dimensions are equal to or greater than 1000 x 1000 pixels

The photo is printed at the highest quality by usingadvanced printing technology.. Only the front side is printable.

We do not assume any responsibility for the printing result if the provided photo does not have the appropriate quality. Prefer close-ups and light colours.

100% customized !

A unique gift !

Decoration to reflect your image !

Not available in stores !

Over a 1000 satisfied customers already ! What about you ?

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Are you looking for an original gift for someone close to you ? 🎁

This is a unique opportunity for you to surprise a family member or a friend with this “magic sequin” cushion. The icing on the cake 🍰 ? Choose the picture of your choice to fully customize your cushion cover. By the way, please note that this product is not available in stores… Don’t even bother looking for it. Seriously, don’t waste your time ! 😴

What’s more, our cushion cover is now available in several colors ! 🌈

Simply stroke the surface of the cushionto discover your custom photo !😝

Very easy to use, just sweep the sequins to reveal the incredible hidden photo. 🤗

Stop looking any further, you have found the perfect gift ! 🤗

Choosing the gift 😕

Everyone knows that it can be very difficult to find a unique giftfor a special occasion, such as a birthday, a housewarming party, Christmas, a going-away party, a diploma or even the birth of a child… 🎅👨‍🎓👶

If you are in the same situation as many other people, you too spend hours browsing the stores in the hope of finding a gift that might appeal to a friend, family members or colleagues at work.

We have found it for you ! 😃

No way ! A whole day spent shopping only to come back home empty-handed… 😫

Honestly, who likes to go window shopping for nothing ?

No one. 😡

Then, after a short period of reflection, everything becomes logical… You need a gift that is both customized and from the heart !

A brilliant idea ! 🤓

This way, you create a more intimate bond with the person receiving your gift because you have made the effort to take the time to think about it and be original. 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

That someone will really appreciate it !

They’re all going to be crazy about it ! 😍

Today, you have the opportunity to offer them a real gift. So, don’t overthink it. 😵

The custom photo cushion cover with shifting sequins is your best option. 😁

A word of advice, just like that, between us, you don’t necessarily have to give it to someone other than yourself… Treat yourself too ! 😋

Even your pets will love it ! 😻


Coussin avec housse personnalisée à paillettes réversibles (40 x 40 cm)

27€ instead of 45,00 euros 😍


Are you still here ?! Here is an exceptional offer that has never been offered in the store before ! 😲 💥

Now that you have all the necessary information, let’s just cut right to the chase… Let’s talk about the most important thing here, how much does this cushion cost ?

We usually sell it for45,00 euros,however each of our covers is on special offer to celebrate a quite special event on the store. 🙂

But believe it or not, you can also benefit from another special discount never seen before ! This may cause our competitors to grind their teeth… 😬

Listen carefully…


We are offering you a free Magic Sequin cover for two or more purchased covers ! 😲

Yes… The third one is free ! 🤑

We are probably a little crazy for making such an offer 😜🤪, but we would like to sincerely thank all our customers. 💋. We are offering you this gift before the holidays as a way to celebrate our 1000-customer milestone ! 👏

You will receive 3 cushion covers with their customized photo and shifting sequins for a very low price: …18 € each !

Instead of the regular price of 45,00 euros !

However, you should know that this offer is only valid for the first 100 customers!!! We appreciate your understanding.. 🖐

To take advantage of this offer, enter the promotional code MAGICFREE at the moment of your order.. 😎


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