What if it were possible to find a unique gift or decoration idea that stands out from the pack ? 😎 😍

Did you know that a cushion has the power to enhance any interior design ? 🤣🤥

Yes, a cushion, but not just any cushion ! 🤫

By adding your own touch of originality, we will help you create a cushion that can be the center of a a truly exceptional gift. 😃

Yes, that is possible. On our store, we offer you the opportunity to get a magical customizable cushion ! 😲🙀

Just choose the photo you would like to immortalize on your cushion and we will do it for you ! 📸

With the help of fairy fingers 🧙‍♀️ , we manufacture covers with shifting sequins ! In the blink of an eye, you can make the picture of your cushion appear and disappear ! Awesome, isn’t it ? 😃

When we created the Magic Sequin website, we wanted above all to offer a cushion that will remain uniquein the eyes of the person who owns it. 😍

Through our store, which is also yours, we offer you the opportunity to create your own customized cushion ! 🙌

See you soon at the store ! 😉

A lot of people are crazy about their customized cushion covers, so, why wouldn’t you ? 👍

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